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The purpose of galvanizing is to preserve fabricated steel articles from corrosion, but we are convinced that this process must go hand in hand with a necessary concern for man and for the environment in which humankind lives and works.
With the new galvanizing system ZinCare ®, we have established the standard for the proper and responsible protection of both nature and mankind's creations.

Concepts such as safety, protecting the environment and safeguarding health, eco-sustainability, and the conservation of resources have always been in our DNA. That is why we have decided let these principles guide us in our choices, and why we offer our Clients the best “green” technologies available today.

With its ZinCare ® protocol, Zimetal has gone above and beyond the requirements of every international regulation governing its sector of operations, guaranteeing:


ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification


ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification


The exclusive use of LME registered SHG (Special High Grade) zinc 99.995%


A class 1 certified zinc bath, compliant with LMAC regulations


A zinc bath with a minimum zinc content of 99.7%


A lead-free zinc bath


A nickel-free zinc bath