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ZIMETAL is equipped with the most modern installations and the best technologies currently in use.

ZIMETAL, in line with European principles of environmental policy, deems it essential to engage in sustainable development of its operations.

To this end, it is committed to working towards the reasonable and ongoing improvement of its efficiency through a systematic analysis of the environmental impact of its operations and by establishing goals for improvement.

ZIMETAL believes that the Environmental Management System is an essential tool for establishing and achieving those goals and for supporting its strategic and operational choices. The company undertakes to base its management of environmental issues on the following principles:


Preventing pollution


Guaranteeing full compliance with the provisions of environmental laws and regulations in force which are relevant to company operations


Promoting a sense of environmental responsibility among its employees


Assessing and monitoring the effects of its ongoing operations on the environment


- Preventative assessment of the potential environmental effects of all new activities, products and processes


Adopting the provisions necessary to reduce any negative environmental impact, with a particular focus on:

the quality and quantity of atmospheric emissions, both diffuse and piped
reducing production of galvanizing process residues and waste wherever possible or, otherwise, ensuring their proper management and disposal.
optimizing usage of energy and water resources
controlling noise emissions in the surrounding environment and inside its facility
adopting necessary measures for accident prevention


Providing employees with the information they need to understand the effects of their activities on the environment and encourage open dialogue with them


Setting up measures to ensure that contractors on the site, working for ZIMETAL, adhere to environmental and safety regulations in accordance with the company's principles regarding safety and environmental protection


ZIMETAL is committed to providing the human resources, specialized expertise, and the technological and financial resources necessary to implement and control the environmental management system.


Solero, January 2, 2009

the President of ZIMETAL