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ZIMETAL has been working in the hot galvanizing sector since 1992. Our plant is equipped with the most modern and advanced systems for the general galvanizing of all types of fabricated articles, including those of large dimensions.


Our facility is set on a large tract of land in the municipality of Solero in the province of Alessandria, at the centre of the industrial triangle formed by Milan, Turin and Genoa. It is easily reached by the motorways that link these three cities to the rest of Italy and Europe.


We offer hot galvanizing treatment in compliance with the regulations in force in Italy, UNI EN ISO Standard 1461 and CEI 7.6, as well as all the principal international regulations and specifications.




Zimetal holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HQZ certifications and is a member AIZ (Italian Galvanizing Association). The galvanizing system branded HiQualiZinc® and Zincare® guarantees the maximum quality standards available today.


The ZIMETAL facility is set on a 190,000 square-metre tract of land, of which 11,000 are roofed-over. It is equipped with installations that use cutting-edge technologies and advanced treatment techniques. It has an annual production potential of over 60,000 tons and is compliant with the highest standards of quality, workplace safety and environmental protection. These facts place our company at the top of its sector in Italy and Europe. Our company uses an integrated management system that makes it possible to maintain constant control over every stage of production, beginning with preparation. Pre-treatment is performed in a completely automated sectioned tunnel unit and a record is kept of the different stages of degreasing, pickling, rinsing, fluxing, and drying. Since 2008, the prime example of hot galvanizing in Europe has employed HAl-Ga ® Technology for reactive steel control and has not required the use of lead or nickel.

Our Class 1 zinc bath uses only SHG Zinc 99.995% and small quantities of technological alloys, so that the bath's zinc content is higher than 99.7%. If the materials undergo a passivation cycle, it is performed using chromium-free products not subject to use restrictions.