ART is the highest manifestation of thought, of man's ability and inventiveness, and mankind has always sought aesthetic means through which to express its emotions and inner needs.
The forms in which human ideas have been expressed over time have been innumerable. Thanks to the innate abilities of their creators but also, and more importantly, to skills acquired through study and experience, those ideas have, in some cases, become works of ART.
ZIMETAL applies skill, experience and innovation, three typical talents required for the creation of the finest manifestations of ART.



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Steel is, without a doubt, the most flexible and versatile of construction materials, which is why it plays a fundamental role in the most ambitious architectural projects.
The best architects and designers have been using it for over a hundred years to transform the dreams and visions of enlightened minds into works destined to last into the future of humankind. Hot galvanizing provides a secure bridge to reach that future.