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Support for the treatment process is provided throughout every stage by computerized control and management systems. This allows for greater operational flexibility and precision, so as to better meet the needs of a demanding clientèle, and provides additional incentives and motivations for product research and technological advances. Our plant has large yards and is equipped with lift trucks with a capacity of up to 8 tons. This allows for a suitable and rapid flow of materials during loading and unloading, as well as during treatment. If necessary, treated goods can be stored in our storage facility for long periods of time. The movement of goods and materials within our facility is safely performed by overhead travelling cranes with a capacity of up to 15 tons.
Production is divided into two shifts, employing a total of approximately 90 operators who, together with a well-trained and strongly motivated technical staff, are able to offer highly professional and efficient service, from the design stage of the fabricated articles to be galvanized through the final inspection of the finished products. In recent years, hot galvanizing treatment's scope of application has broadened. Today it encompasses a vast range of articles from every sector of the civil and industrial spheres.




Treatment consists of 8 cycles:



2 stations - 200 cubic metres of degreasing solution
Products: Acidic surfactants
Operating temperature: 30C
Integrated mechanical agitation system


14 stations 1200 cubic metres of pickling solution
Products: Hydrochloric acid and corrosion inhibitors
Operating temperature: 20/30C
Integrated mechanical agitation system



1 station - 100 cubic meters of solution
Products: Water, chlorides and additives
Operating temperature: ambient
Continuous de-ironing treatment


1 station - 100 cubic meters of solution
Products: Zinc Ammonium Chloride with additives
Operating temperature: 35/40C
Patented process with HAl-Ga Technology


4 postazioni - accumulo automatizzato.
Temperatura di esercizio: 80 >110C
Recupero di calore dal forno di zincatura.


1 kettle dimensions of 14,000 x 1,800 x 3,300 mm
Products: SHG zinc 99.995%

no Pb - no Ni
Operating temperature: 443C
Class 1 Bath

Patented HAl-Ga Technology


7 stations air drying
1 tank quenching in water
Heat recovery system


1 station - 100 cubic metres of passivation solution
5 stations - drying and automatic holding
Products: chromium-free metal salts solution
Operating temperature: ambient


Once the materials have been galvanized, they can be left to cool in the air or immersed in water, according to the requirements of the process. Galvanized materials may be cooled in the air at 2 separate dedicated stations and, if necessary, in 5 more automatic holding stations. Materials to be cooled in water are immersed in a quench tank; this has a capacity of 100 cubic meters and is equipped with a heat recovery system that is used to heat the pretreatment baths. The washing of galvanized materials that occurs in the quench tank is a crucial preliminary step for proper passivation.

7 stations air drying
1 tank quenching in water
Heat recovery system