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Many of humankind's creations have been destroyed or damaged as the result of neglect or of the ravages of time. Galvanizing fulfils the essential function of protecting some of mankind's most important works, preserving their beauty and functionality over time.





ZIMETAL respects the provisions and specifications of all the international regulations governing its sector of operations. In addition, so as to ensure higher product quality, it uses HAl-Ga ® Technology for reactive steel control.


Materials to be galvanized are immersed in a bath using only SHG zinc 99.995% and technological alloys.


Our zinc bath is Class 1, with a minimum zinc content of over 99.7%, and is free of metals classified as “dangerous”, such as lead and nickel.


EN ISO 1461 2009 - Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles.


CEI 7.6 1997 - Regulations controlling the hot dip galvanizing of iron items destined for electrical lines and plants.


ASTM A 123-17 - Zinc ( Hot-Dip Galvanized ) Coating on Iron and Steel Products.


ASTM A 153-16 - Zinc ( Hot-Dip) Coating on Iron and Steel Hardware.


EN ISO 14713 -1 e 2 2009 - Zinc coatings – Guidelines and recommendations for the protection against corrosion of iron and steel in structures.